Horizontal Fence

Design your own aluminum Modern horizontal fence!

The fence and gate is the first thing visitors see. With our patented system you can create your own modern horizontal fence design. Alumission’s aluminum fence is made in USA from a-z. It’s lifetime lasting, light weight and heavy duty. Our aluminum fence or gate made out of 4 different profiles. It is powder coated and ready to install. The horizontal fence is very easy to install and no special tools is needed.

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DIY Your Horizontal fence​

How to Install

Step 1:

Attach the base post to the ground. Space between the bases need to be 72 1/2” for 6’ slats. If you use special size slats, add 1/2” to the slat size

Step 2:

Level all the post base from all size.

Step 3:

Place the base cover before inserting the aluminum post.

Step 4:

Slide the aluminum post on the post base. Make sure the slat’s opening on the post is to the fence directions.

Step 5:

Slide the slat between the post and slide both side on the same time. Two people are recommended for this step.

Step 6:

Slide the spacers you need into both post all the way down to the slat.

Step 7:

Keep sliding the slats and spacers (step 5 and 6). Make sure to leave minimum 1/2” from the last slat to the end of the post (for the post cap).

Step 8:

Using L brackets and self drilling screws, secure the last slat to the post. Place the last spacer to flush with the end of the post. You can use more than one spacer or cut the right size.

Step 9:

After sliding all slats from 2 sides of the post, use self drilling screws to secure the aluminum post to the base. 2 screws are recommended.

Step 10:

Use the post cover (same size as the post) to cover the screws.


The Aluminum Fence On Your Deck Is Ready!

Place the cap and you are all done!

We’re Here To All Your

There are a few essential steps to follow in order to install a DIY horizontal fence. You can begin building your horizontal fence after the fence posts are set in the ground. First of all, a design must be made and the spot for the top rail must be marked.

Afterward, cut rails to length, fasten the top rail to post, attach boards horizontally, provide extra vertical support, repeat the same process for each section, and finally add post caps.

The price of horizontal fences is generally higher than that of vertical fences because they require a quality of lumber that is more resistant to sagging. Vertical fences are usually the most cost-effective choice when it comes to fence installations. Since the strength is gained from the stringers, it is possible to use less expensive fence board lumber.

A horizontal fence is the best option for any installation that requires a contemporary appearance.

The average cost of a horizontal wood fence is approximately $8 to $20 per linear foot.

Those who favor this horizontal design say it makes yards look longer and bigger, and gives them a decent amount of privacy. However, it is more expensive to build a taller fence considering the horizontal layout requires more material to achieve the same height. It is also important to hire a reputable professional with experience in horizontal fencing for a proper installation of this style of fencing.

To build a horizontal fence, you only need a few basic supplies. Those include hand saw, level, trim boards, finish nails, wood stakes, string line, fence boards, concrete bags, some paint, a post hole digger, paint sprayer, and landscape marking paint.

Horizontal fences are considered strong and durable. Horizontal fences will remain solid and healthy for a longer period of time than vertical posts, which develop rot at their base over time.

Horizontal fences nowadays will maintain their integrity for years to come and can even serve as a privacy fence for many years without constant maintenance.

If you want privacy, horizontal boards can be spaced close together with an eighth-inch gap between them; however, if you want a light, airy feel, quarter-inch to one-inch gaps should suffice.

In some cases, clients choose a solid panel that has an opening on the top.

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