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Until today, the only security fence at an affordable price was chain link. Today, we brought all the way from Israel, the metal security fencing that the Israeli army have been used for over 20 years.

Hot galvanized metal mesh. Super easy and fast installation. Our fence will last you a life time without getting rust or bending over time.

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What is
Security Fencing?

A security fence is an essential component of any security system, especially in high-risk areas such as industrial settings, schools, and public places. Unlike typical residential fencing, security fences are designed to withstand significant amounts of force and impact. This is because they are primarily used to protect valuable assets such as expensive machinery, equipment, and tools. They are also used to keep unauthorized individuals from entering restricted areas or to prevent theft and vandalism.

Metal security fencing is a popular choice for many property owners looking to enhance their security measures. It is a durable and reliable option that can withstand various weather conditions and high-impact forces.

Steel security fencing is known for its strength and durability. It is a cost-effective solution that can resist high impact loads and withstand severe weather conditions. Our steel security fences come in various styles and heights, ensuring that our clients can choose the one that best suits their needs.

At our company, we are committed to providing our clients with high-quality, customized metal security fences that meet their unique needs and requirements.

The need for security fence

All Types Of Properties Whether Be It Residential, Commercial, Or Industrial All Have A Good Reason For The Need Of A metal Security Fencing,
Choosing the right fence for your security is a great way to meet the needs of a variety of property types. For instance, any property that has children on a regular basis such as playgrounds, schools, or parks need to have a secured perimeter fence for their safety.

Properties where there are buildings, machinery, or delicate products need to be kept safe from theft. Which is why a metal security fence needs to be part of your bigger investment. The bigger and more durable it is, the more secure your loved ones and belongings would be.

Types of Security Fence

Though there are many types of security fences out there, choosing the right one for you might be difficult. If you feel the need to demarcate your property with a full-proof fencing system, here are some types of security fence that you should consider.

#1 Chain Link Fence

A chain link fence is made up of steel mesh fixed to metal or concrete posts. The posts is set deep in concrete foundation unto the ground and the wire fencing serves as a barrier. The wire fencing is difficult to cut through or climb over, making it the very basic type of metal security fencing around the world. You can complement this system further by adding barbed wires around and the top of the posts. It’s also cheap as compared to other high-security type fences.

#2Palisade Fence

Not as common as chain link fences, but just as effective. A palisade fence is the perfect deterrence for intruders wanting to climb over. It consists of several vertical steel posts with a pointed tip—a tip that can wound or injure anyone caught in it. Not only does it performs well as a security fence, it can be quite attractive as well—making it more expensive than chain link fences. 3. Metal Hoarding Fence This type of fence uses portable steel hoarding panels connected to one another via concrete or steel posts. It’s commonly used to form a private and safe perimeter fence during demolition and construction works, as well as at large public events like festivals. For a more general purpose, a metal hoarding fence is best used in a mobile sense to secure a private site for short periods of time. Meaning that its installation and dismantling is fairly easy, doesn’t take a considerable amount of time, and can be transported to another site easily.

#3Wire Mesh Fence

A wire mesh fence is made up of woven wire fencing fixed to vertical posts. Basically, it’s just the same as a chain link fence, having a difference only in the materials used. A wire mesh fence, as the name suggests use woven wire mesh that is easy to cut through. It’s nothing more than a deterrent actually, but due to its cheap upfront cost, it can be ideal in a few situations. Have that Peace of Mind You Deserve A security fence will certainly help you sleep well at night, knowing that you, your family, and property are protected from intruders and threats. Which is why a security fence is a major investment that needs more attention. If your budget is tight however, the most affordable options are generally not very aesthetic, but having one definitely helps you achieve peace of mind, and that is priceless.

Frequently Asked

The best security fence is the wire mesh fence. So far, that fence was more expensive from the popular chain link fence. Now, for the same price as chain link ($12-$20 per linier foot), you can get hot galvanized metal wire mesh fence by Alumission

Security fence mostly used for commercial and industrial properties. Usually, in order to provide security as well as protection for the property itself or whatever inside it. In fact, any fence can be used as a security fence with an addition anti climb system.

There is few security system you can add to your existing fence to make it more secure fence. Firstly, you can add lightweight trellis. Secondly, you can add a 45 degree fence on top, by welding it to the top of the post. Lastly, if there is no other option, you should replace the whole fence with good security fence.

Anti climb fence is usually higher than the average 6′ fence. Obviously, it purpose is to make it harder for people or animals to climb on it. There for it makes is more security fence than the traditional fence.


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