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Welcome to our guide on how to install aluminum gates! This DIY project can enhance your property’s style and security. With the right tools and instructions, the installation process can be simple. In this guide, we will provide the necessary steps, from measuring to attaching the hinges and latching mechanism. Let’s get started!


Alumission powder-coated aluminum fencing is made in the USA and comes in a variety of styles and colors. Our fencing is unique in both design and durability. Our high-quality materials are heat resistant, weatherproof and will never peel or rust over time.

Our goal at Alumission is to provide affordable, modern aluminum fences and gates that are easily installed by anyone.

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Home appeal starts at your fences and gates. In other words, It’s the first thing visitors see first that is why having the best gate and fence out there is an important investment. Aluminum is a much lighter material that is easily fabricated compared to common fencing material such as wrought iron or steel.

Aluminum is easily customizable into intricate designs and offers a much broader range of styles that would be impossible for traditional wrought iron or steel fencing.

Alumission offers you the chance to design your own 100% fence. We have a wide range of styles and color options available. The powder coated finish is perfect for adding an elegant modern touch to your fence or gate that looks good from both sides. Perfect for adding a decorative perimeter around your home or for full privacy. As an addition we offer a hot galvanized steel mesh fence for security and industrial purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Alumission’s fences and gates system is all made in the USA. From the aluminum profiles extrusions and all the way to the caps, spacer and connectors. 


LIFETIME! Aluminum never rust, that’s a fact. We are using 6063 T6 aluminum (the same aluminum they use for airspace and aircrafts). Also, we are using all organic powder coated that designed to last forever under any weather condition. With that said, no paint peeling, no color fading, no rust, termite or any weather condition like extreme heat or cold can effect Alumission’s fences and gates

With our fence system you can build endless designs. Most recommended will be horizontal. Once you choose your slats size and spacer the options are almost limitless.
On average shipping our fences and gates materials will be about 5%-10% of the orders. For very large orders it can be less than 5%. Shipping cost depend on the size and the weight.
Yes! Our fence and gates specially designed for easy customizations and installation. You will not need ang welding or special tools. Very basic tools and background is needed. Most DIYers are saying that this product was very easy to understand and they didn’t had to purchase any extra tool.

We ship worldwide. It will be a little pricy to ship outside of America due to shipping and custom charges. Usually out of the country shipments are very large orders.

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