How to install: Pedestrian Gate Assembling (up to 5′)

How to assemble an aluminum pedestrian gate? Follow these 8 easy steps and build a beautiful modern aluminum gate. No welding or special tools are required. Watch the video, read the steps or download and print the instruction sheet to have it with you on the job. 

Tools you need

Tape Measure
Tape measure
Miter saw
Miter Saw
Miter saw
Miter Saw
Hammer Drill
Hammer drill
Speed square
Speed Square

Let's start!

bottom cap for side post

Step 1:

Using four #8 screws for each cap attach bottom caps for both aluminum side posts (cut them to size if needed before attaching the caps).

drill 3-4 hole

Step 2:

Drill 3/4" holes inside the channel of the side posts (usually 3 holes for each post).

drill hole for the screw

Step 3:

Inside the 3/4" hole drill another hole to fit your screws or anchors. Most common size for side post anchors will be 1/4" or 3/8".

attach the side post

Step 4:

Attach the aluminum side post to the wall, block wall, house or fence using the right screws or bolts. make sure your post is level from the side and the front.

slide post cover and stopper

Step 5:

Place the first aluminum slat all the way down to the flat cap between the aluminum posts. Drive a self-drilling screw from the flat cap to the slat.

bottom cap for gate frame

Step 6:

Using four #8 screws for each cap attach bottom caps for both aluminum gate frames (cut them to size if needed before attaching the caps).

cut aluminum slats

Step 7:

Cut the horizontal aluminum slats to size. Should be 7-3/4"-8" shorter than the opening between the side posts.

attach the first slat

Step 8:

Place the first slat between the gate frame on the bottom. Use #8 screws to attach the aluminum slat to the gate frames. Use 2 screws on each side of the slat.

slide all slats and spacers

Step 9:

Slide the rest of your slats and spacers for the desired style and secure with screws only the top slat. after the gate installed you'll be able to adjust the gate if needed and secure the rest of the aluminum slats.

attach the gate and hinges

Step 10:

First attach the hinges to the side post, than place the gate open 90 degree and attach it to the hinges.

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